Low Fixed Cost

Our 4 Step Plan to evicting Tenants

When it comes to requiring a tenant to leave your property, it can be a straightforward exercise. When using a Tenant Eviction service, you should be clear about what you want to achieve from doing so. Our Low Cost Tenant Eviction service starts from only £39.95 + VAT


Swift Eviction Action

All instructions are actioned within 24 hours

Pay-As-You-Go Service

No Contracts and No Hidden Fees

Low Cost Solution

The First step costs only £39.95

Step 1 (Optional)

Serve a Notice of Intended Action 

This can be helpful if dealing with a Non paying Tenant. It lets them know you are serious about evicting them and may well remedy the situation quickly. All notices are sent special delivery to ensure receipt.

The cost for this is only £39.95 +vat

This works well and can be a cheap solution to any problem Tenant not paying.


Step 2

Serve a Section 21 notice 

Accelerated Possession – Our Experts will draft the formal papers on your behalf and prepare for service. A supporting demand letter will also be with these legal papers.

The low fixed cost for this service starts at £79.95 + vat

Step 3

Court Action 

If the Tenant fails to adhere to the requests of the Eviction notice, then we can issue Court Proceedings and seek a Possession order.

These papers are drafted by an Experienced Legal Eviction expert at the Low Fixed Costs from £449 + vat + court fees

Step 4

Eviction Time

If the Tenant still fails to leave your property, we can apply for an eviction appointment where a Bailiff will assist with evicting the tenant.

You or your Letting Agent will need to be present at the time of eviction.

The cost for this starts from £199 +vat


Cases actioned within 24 hours


Amount of Effort


Respond to Notice before Action


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