A growing problem in the UK is the situation where a Business fails and a Commercial Tenant leaves with unpaid rent. This is a growing problem that has been exacerbated by the recent Coronavirus pandemic hurting all sizes of Business in the UK. Many retail and industrial units have been left empty after Commercial Tenants have absconded leaving a mess behind.

This could be a sole trader or a Limited Company. Regardless of their status, they need to be made to paid their dues as per the terms of the lease. Many Commercial Landlords have written off monies owed to them by previous Commercial Tenants but that need not be the case. If the Business that rented your Unit was a Sole Trader then they are personally liable so can be pursued at their home address.

Tracking down a Sole Trader that has absconded

Sole Traders and Partnerships make up for a large percentage of the Commercial rental sector. If they decide to shut up shop, they still remain liable for any rent payable in accordance with the terms of the lease. Sole Traders can be traced to their Home Address if you do not have it. This is a service Tenantsure offers to its customers via our Tracing Services page.

For Limited Companies, the internet can help you find their registered address via Companies house website.

Take action to recover Unpaid Commercial rent

As per the terms of your Commercial Lease, sums for Unpaid Rent will be payable. This is legally enforceable and you are quite rightfully entitled to pursue the Unpaid Commercial Rent owing to you

Taking action to recover unpaid commercial rent is essential. Your former Commercial  Tenant can be pursued for any Unpaid Commercial Rent by Business Debt Collection specialists such as Federal Management. Working with a highly experienced Company in this field will get you the desired results.